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Welcome to CS Tutorials!

We offer tutorials designed especially to supplement each Nachos lab project. Each tutorial is geared towards helping the students understand the concepts behind the labs before they start programming code. The labs use Nachos, an instructional operating systems simulator developed at the University of Berkeley, to provide hands-on experience in programming operating systems source code. When you purchase the Nachos Tutorials, you get simple-to-understand documentation on Nachos which will help you navigate through the elaborate and complex Nachos assignments. Each tutorial comes with the following:

  • Assignment overview. Details on each topic in a general level and how they are implemented in Nachos.

  • Walk-through. A complete step-by-step guide on how to implement the code necessary to complete each assignment.

  • Frequently asked questions. Questions and answers to common problems students face while completing each assignment.

  • Helpful links. Links to academic and other websites that offer Nachos assistance and documentation.

  • Documentation. Detailed documentation listing all of the classes, structures, functions defined in Nachos.

  • Roadmap. High-level overview of the source code, focusing on the big picture rather than on the details.

  • Source code. The source code solution to each assignment.

This includes both documentation on understanding the concepts for each assignment and how to get started. Topics are accompanied with animations.

Click here to start the tour of Nachos or click here to purchase the tutorials.

Source Code

System Calls
Exception Handling
File System

Lab 1 Tutorial
Lab 2 Tutorial
Lab 3 Tutorial
Lab 4 Tutorial
Lab 5 Tutorial

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